Are You Ready for Good Retirement?

After decades of waking up to the alarm, shifting through heaps of paperwork and navigating rush hour traffic, you can see the bright lights of retirement at the end of the tunnel. However, just spotting the light is not enough, you need to work towards those golden moments.

Here are 4 things you can do for a good retirement:

1. Visualise your last day at office
The transition from working to retired is a sentimental feeling and it is essential to visualise what you would like to do after you retire. Whether you want to travel or sit in the park and gossip with your buddies, it all depends on what you do today.

2. Increase investment as your income grows
Not many people keep updating their investments according to their retirement goals. Increasing your investment as your income grows, will help to generate a larger corpus.

3. Healthy and Wealthy!
Check your health care options before you retire. You don’t want to be stuck wondering whether you have enough money to foot the bill or not. Having a good insurance cover is beneficial in the long-term.

4. Budget it
One of the biggest problems for to-be-retirees is not to outlive their savings. Tomorrow’s retirees need to account for increasing cost of living and longevity.

Happy Investing!
Virtuous Financials